Nigerian Telcos May Block Social Media Calls

Telecommunication companies in Nigeria are considering blocking whatsapp, facebook, blackberry and Skype calls . According to the Telcos, calls initiated via social media is endangering revenues from voice calls. Thus, it is anticipated that blocking calls conducted via social media platforms would enhance their revenue and enable them hit a project revenue target of N20…


Whistle Blower App Launched in Nigeria

In a bid to enhance the fight against corruption in Nigeria, an agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences (“ICPC”)  launched a Whistle Blower App known as “Wahala Dey”. Wahala Dey is slang in Nigerian parlance which literally means there is trouble. The Chairman of ICPC, Ekpo…

14 percent of the 97 million internet users in Nigeria have experienced cyber-attacks

Nigeria like other countries around the world is experiencing cyberattacks. According to Mr. Isa Patanmi, Director General, Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency, 14 percent of the 97 million internet users in Nigeria have experienced cyber-attacks. He further alluded that in 2015, Nigeria experienced 2,175 cyber-attacks inclusive of 585 government-owned websites.


Legal Regime of FinTech in Nigeria

FinTech is an acronym for Financial Technology. FinTech connotes the use of technology to develop innovative financial products for the purpose of simplifying financial transactions. FinTech provide services which are typically within the purview of traditional financial institutions, hence disrupting established banking systems, and transforming the financial sector. The financial products offered by FinTech include…